No One Would Confuse a Utensil with a Mock
pdf edition,30 pages
ISBN 978-82-8203-016-8. available for download on http://www.xym.no/

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Posted January 7th, 2010 at 10:13AM
I would love to be painted on. It is a way to express myself, and others in a creative way. It is easily removable too, and that is ideal for me. It is also not painful, unlike getting a tattoo or anything else. I would willingly submit myself to be a canvas for a painting.
By: dave0903
Age: 18-21, Male"

No One Would Confuse a Utensil with a Mock is a publication project comprised of three interrelated groups of works. The title is a quote derived from a Google-translated version of "La monnaie vivante", a previously untranslated text by the influential French writer Pierre Klossowski.

The first section of the publication features photomontaged images of body paintings sourced from the internet, and overlaid onto a series of images of remote control units. Conceptually resembling the overlapping layers of a matryoshka doll, these works juxtapose images of painted skin with the surfaces of consumer objects in an overlap of multiple surfaces. The second section inserts large excerpts of Klossowski's essay, available only in French until now. After processing the text by Google Translate, the text has been rewritten by hand. In a final play of inversions, transferences and translations, the last section displays a series of monoprint paintings made using the rubber buttons removed from the devices shown in the first section.