Other Story, 2011  
  commissioned for Peer One curated by Kari Altmann at the Walters Art Museum, Baltimore  
  This piece has been conceived as a response to the "Exotiscism" room in the Walters Art Museum.  




Introduction :

• 3D Hollow Face Illusion with Rolling Eyes (physical/ no computer graphics), Youtube source

Titles inserts :

• Exotica (1994) Director: Atom Egoyan
• Jism (2003) Director: Amit Saxena

• Is Anybody There ? (2008) Director: John Crowley
• West Side Story (1961) Directors: Jerome Robbins, Robert Wise

• The Lord of the Rings : The Return of the King (2003) Director: Peter Jackson
• Self Medicated (2005) Director: Monty Lapica

• The Projected Man (1966) Director: Ian Curteis
• Return on House on the Hill (2007) Director: Victor Garcia

• The Others (2001) Director: Alejandro Amenàbar

Chapters :

• Amityville II (1982) Director: Damiano Damiani, title insert
• Collectable coins commissioned for colonial exhibitions, (most of them from Paris, 1931), available for purchase online

• www.event-projection.de/ logo insert
• www.projection.com/ Convention, Conference and Trade Show Audio/Visual ... logo insert
• Furnitures :
Zaha Hadid, Moraine Sofa, 2000 ; Paul Gauguin, Jug in the Form of a Head, Self-portrait, 1889 ; Pablo Picasso, Bull's Head, 1942 ; Enzo Mari, Autoprogettazione dining table, 1974/2007 ; Karim Rashid, Baby Bite, 20092
• Background images :
Photo studio backdrops and color samples for paper roll ; chroma key background screens ; digital wallpaper ; Sunless (1983) director : Chris Marker, film stills

• Pendulum, Immersion (music album), 2011, title insert
• Sketchup Panorama Animations:
• Paul Gauguin, Where Do We Come From? What Are We? Where Are We Going?, 1897, Collection of Museum of Fine Arts of Boston, MA
• Claude Lévi-Strauss by the Machado Rio, Brazil, 1938 (CLS Archives)

• Gillette Fusion Razor, logo insert
• The Core (2003) director : Jon Amiel, title insert
• Avatar : Motion Capture mirrors Emotions, Youtube source


Composed by Mark Soo, includes:
• Martin Denny, Firecracker,1959
Featuring samples from:
• Yellow Magic Orchestra, Firecracker, 1979
• De La Soul, Funky Towel, 1996
• Jennifer Lopez, I'm Real, 2001
• Ken Ishii, Firecracker, 2001